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Hi im Kewmarse!


Kewmarse Imani is a 22 year old business entrepreneur who is the co-owner and Vice President of LiquidFX™️. He studied Business Entrepreneurship, Finance and Marketing at the University of Oregon before joining the company in August 2019. A Minnesota native, Kewmarse and his parents moved from Minneapolis to Sacramento when he was five in search of better employment opportunities with the respective careers they had. Growing up in California a majority of his life, he lived in Indianapolis briefly for 2 years when he was 8-10 years old before moving back to California permanently. Attending multiple elementary and middle schools growing up constantly moving due to career changes for his parents, he never was able to retain a lot of people in life because he always moved.Kewmarse recalls his childhood not being a time he wishes to remember due to the negative experiences he had going through the American education system as well as financial troubles for his family. His father, Mehdi Imani, is a retired mechanical engineer for  15 years and his mother, Dr. Nayereh Pezeshkian, is a cardiac surgeon and electrophysiologist practicing medicine at the University of California Davis for 13 years. Prior to that she was at the University of Minnesota from. Back in 2015 after graduating from Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, CA, Kewmarse set his heart out on traveling north to Oregon, to attend the UO in Eugene to study medicine and follow the footsteps of his mother. Discouraged from poor performance, he regressed in his academic performance and went through a rough phase of his life in where he did not know where he wanted to be in this world. It was around the age of 18 or 19 that it had become apparent to the teen at the time that a change needed to be made to his life. He switched to a pre-business major after taking a 6 month absence from the UO in the fall of 2017. 1.5 years down the business track he discovered his passion for finance and trading through economic and finance classes he took, and took it upon himself to educate himself more on the subject matter. His passion is to make money. And Copious amounts of it. His dreams and visions of becoming an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, educator, trader and financier had an attitude that matched that of the attitude of elite forex trader Kekan McLaurin, the founder of LiquidFX™️. After being Kekan’s student for 1 month, the two struck up a business partnership and became good friends.  They have become an elite dynamic duo that are regarded as the face of the company, and are set to land upcoming angel investors to grow their brand and business for the decade to come. Kewmarse visions money as a tool that can be used to better this world, and has a vision to see people of all socioeconomic backgrounds gain the financial freedom that they deserve to have. That is the goal of LiquidFX.
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